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Icebergs are melting like humanity in great speed

title : quietamente ausente assim
oil/oleo sobre/on tela/canvas - for reproduction only

ICE Sculptures like Icebergs glide in a troubled agitated sea, ironically revealing hope or senseless fate ? Some jutting tongues of floating ice, where riverlike glaciers protrude into the sea, are rapidly thinning. Measurements this year by Steffen and others on the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland show that more than 150 feet of thickness melted away under that tongue in the last year. Such melting can speed the seaward movement of ice in the same way that removing a doorstop lets a door swing freely. Some oceanographers say global warming may already be pushing the North Atlantic toward instability. In less than 50 years, waters deep in the North Atlantic and Arctic have become significantly fresher, matched by growing saltiness in the tropical Atlantic. Worldwide, seas have absorbed enormous amounts of heat from the warming atmosphere. A big outflow of water from Greenland could take the system to a tipping point, some say. “The models are not nearly as sensitive as the real world,” Dr. Richard B. Alley, an expert at Penn State on Greenland’s climate history, said. “That’s the kind of thing that makes you nervous.” “It’s as if we’re running a gigantic uncontrolled experiment on the climate system and we know we have the capability of making large impacts,” said Robert Hawley, a glaciologist from the University of Washington stationed at the Summit Camp, a permanent dome-topped installation at the highest point of the ice sheet. “Should we continue just to experiment or should we try to figure this out first?” On Greenland efforts are under way to resolve the big uncertainties. Dr. Joseph R. McConnell, a snow hydrologist from the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada, is examining whether forces other than global warming could be responsible for changes here. Under a Nasa grant, he recently completed a three-week 250-mile snowmobile crossing of the ice sheet, extracting four shaftlike ice cores en route. He marveled at how much ancient water was stored in front of him. “If Greenland melted,” he said, “it’d raise sea levels by 20 feet. There goes Florida. There goes most of the Mississippi embayment. There go the islands in the South Pacific. Bangladesh is obliterated. Manhattan would have to put up dikes.”,,8122-1067480,00.html Although much work is needed to solve the puzzle, he added, the hints of big changes are building. “There’s definitely a lot of melting going on,” McConnell said, flinching as a crack echoed from the warming white cliff and a giant ice slab shifted ever so slightly. These ice figures lost in sea represent humanity as they transmit harmony and peace as they face the end, blending the tragic with the beautiful, what a platonic way to say goodby ! as we continue to suicide and destroy the earth everyday, Some predict that in the future millions of people in low-lying countries like Bangladesh will be forced to migrate. But a movement of people on that scale will create its own international tensions. The world will have to learn to cope with refugees from climate change. is that what you want? is the question the artist is posing..US President George W Bush had a 10-year programme to reduce the carbon intensity of the US economy by 18% by 2012. The government was totally committed to carrying out the programme and wanted to wait to see the results, he said .The US has told a UN conference on global warming that it has no intention of re-joining international efforts to cut greenhouse gas emission . Mr Watson admitted that even if the US achieved its target, it would still be producing 15-16% more greenhouse gases while the rest of the industrialised world was committed to an absolute reduction. He was scathing about the way the rest of the world was approaching climate change, arguing that the Kyoto agreement was a political document and not based on sound science.So listen you scientists, with your degrees and PhD's we the Bush adninistration, don't need or care for your advice, we'll just say on the news that despite the bad weather we are enjoying our selves, we will rebuild our houses over and over because we are rich we can afford it we are American as you can see on T.V. everything is fine these scientists are a joke !!...and who is crazy them or you ? WAKE UP

I have been doing sculpture since the 70"s while residing in Portugal, mostly fresh colorful marble from Vila Viçosa in Portugal . I did 3 years in the stone discipline of my sculpture studies in the Fine Arts School of Lisbon then one year in Montreal at UQUAM in the 80"s. I always worked with broken marble left overs found in quaries or construction wharehouses where big cuts are made and looked for small stones who's shapes sugested things, and with small electric and manual tools and water (to find veins in the marble), i found inspiration for my work. I could never develop my art with out the presence of water, as a highly spiritual person the elements of stone and water have and will always be present also in painting and drawing and the exploration of transparencies. Stone/earth, water/light, sound/music acrylic/oil are my working materials and are my spiritual inspirations to which i would like to add holography...........Embora o Canada tenha menos variedade do seu próprio mármore tem pedras calcarias de interesse, variedade e beleza bem como granito. Fiz escultura em pedra numa oficina da UQUAM em Montreal. Conheço outros espaços em Montreal bem equipados onde poderia dar um curso de pedra/escultura a pequeno grupo de jovens interessados. Embora hoje maquinas já fabriquem reprodução em pedra a partir de desenho, a escultura em pedra (como actividade artística) não desapareceu e temos muitos escultores portugueses como o Cutileiro em Évora ( http :// /rui /artigos/cutileiro.html )-( http :// /20040118.html ) e Anibal Ferreira em Carrara /Italia e em Vila Viçosa, a viver confortavelmente do seu trabalho para o contactar ver (ver http :// /escult.htm ) Comecei no entanto a aprender pedra em Lisboa na ESBAL com uma aluna/colega dos Açores (que me emprestou a sua maquina e me deu a primeira pedra para libertar o meu espírito oprimido por esta escola), finalista desta escola que pouco depois foi professora de pedra, (http :// /index.html ).......A minha primeira pedra foi uma vulcânica dos Açores, muito difícil até pelo cheiro, depois em 1985 o já falecido, meu amigo, Moreira, começou também a ganhar entusiasmo pelo granito e logo começou a sua carreira de escultor. Embora fosse inicialmente uma actividade muito masculina especialmente o trabalho do granito por ser uma pedra bem mais difícil, hoje já se encontram mulheres a trabalhar o mármore bem como as calcarias até porque hoje em dia as maquinas mais usadas são de compressão de ar e por isso muito leves, podendo-se mesmo trabalhar com água enquanto se corta a pedra. Uma pedra mais fácil de trabalhar é uma pedra acabada de ser desenterrada por isso os escultores procuram viver perto de locais de extracção (http :// /0/0106.html ). Quanto mais tempo ao ar, (como o pão) mais dura se torna. Trabalhar a pedra ja não é um exercício de força física mas sim de confronto, coragem, visão, precisão, concentração/libertação, intuição, força de vontade, paciência, o acidente é reduzido com o uso da máquina e existem já boas colas de reparação. A escultura da pedra liberta as emoções como o desporto ou a musica, e esta actividade cujo produto final é de grande elegância e durabilidade esta pouco desenvolvida no Quebec nao sei porque?


EVERY MINUTE THE EQUIVALENT OF A BASEBALL FIELD of FOREST IS CUT IN THE REMAINING TROPICAL RAINFOREST. state_text.htmle... According to Brazilian government figures, up to 80 percent of timber produced in the Brazilian Amazon is illegal in some way. Despite the publication of these figures by Brazil's National Government in 1997, importing nations such as the US, Italy, France, UK, China and Japan have taken few steps to ensure that the products they import from Brazil come from even legal, let alone ecologically responsible, sources.Todos concordamos que "Il n' y a pas de futur sans Nature" (Nicolas Hulot)" , O Congresso brasileiro vota agora um projeto que vai reduzir a Floresta Amazonica a 50% do seu tamanho. Por favor, contacte o governo e envie sua opiniao. O setor que querem desmatar representa 4 vezes o tamanho de Portugal e seria utilizado principalmente para a agricultura e pastagens para o gado. Toda a madeira deve ser vendida nos mercados internacionais por grandes sociedades multinacionais sob a forma de tabuas. O facto e que o solo da floresta amazonica fica inutil sem a floresta. Atualmente, mais de 160.000 km desmatados para esse mesmo fim estao abandonados e deram incio a um processo de desertificaco. O desmatamento e o tratamento da madeira em tal escala liberam na atmosfera quantidades enormes de carbono, acentuando assim o efeito estufa e as mudancas climaticas. - NAO COMER CARNE - uma forma de evitar risco de saude e sobretudo tomada politica contra a desertificacao que ira causar a falta de agua consequentemente a morte de todo o ser vivo na terra. WAKE UP -Chomsky " The coming century could be the one which spells the end of human life on earth. It's not impossible. There are major dangers ahead of us. One is the danger of nuclear war, which is ever-present and probably increasing. Another is the threat of very significant ecological catastrophes, maybe not this century but not too far ahead. And there are plenty of others. So that's one possible outcome. An observer from, say, Mars might well consider that to have non- trivial probability. There are other possibilities far more benign. For example it might be possible, and I think will be possible, to reverse the efforts of the last twenty five years to undermine democratic processes and to attack human rights by transferring power to a network of international mega- corporations, buttressed by the state power to which they are very closely linked and the international bureaucracies that manage their affairs. That could be possible. ... There's nothing to prevent them - there's no law of nature that prevents them from being taken over by their own workforce, which is an old, old demand of working-class movements back to the early nineteenth century "- Chomsky.htm ...SEE ALL- Alex Jones - VIDEOS THINK ABOUT IT WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE ... WATER FACTS " 80% of all illnesses in the developing countries are due to bad water conditions....Only one drop of oil can ruin 25 litres of drinking water. ...One litre of oil can destroy two million litres of water. One drip per second wastes around 1200 litres of water in a year; thats around 4 litres a day; and 90 litres of water if the drips are breaking into a stream... A third of an average family's water use is flushed down the toilet... Once a week is all the water your lawn needs even in the hottest weather. Over-watering can weaken your lawn by encouraging roots to seek the surface.....In half an hour, a garden sprinkler uses as much water as a family in a day......How much water is used per task? *Washing machine: 225 litres.....*Shower (10 minutes): 100 litres ........*Bath: 60 litres *Dishwasher: 40 litres........*Washing dishes by hand: 35 litres *Toilet flush: 15-20 litres..........Brushing teeth (with tap running: 10 litres *Hand washing (with tap running):8 litres.........Freshwater lakes, rivers, and underground sources make up only 3.5% of the world's total water resources.....Only 0.007% of the world's total water resources is avaible as drinking water....A human being needs about 3 litres of drinking water a day. The Danes use 136 litres of drinking water per person a day. The USA have the world's highest water consumtion - 380 per person per day".