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Lisbon city was known in ancient times as "Aschbouna"but the "Lusitanos" always recognized this city as "Olissip", name associated with the story of "Ulisses" the hero of "Odisseia". It was only when the "Cruzados" also known as the templars "Ordem de Cristo"that D.Afonso Henriques conquered Lisbon in 1147 making it Christian territorry and it became the capital of Lisboa. Na noite de Santo António, (12 para 13 de Junho) vem para a rua para o desfile das Marchas Populares dos Bairros de Lisboa. Tradicionalmente, este desfile dá-se na Avª da Liberdade, entre o Marquês de Pombal e os Restauradores ao meio da Avª da Liberdade, às portas do Parque Mayer, e em frente à tribuna principal, todas as Marchas fazem as suas evoluções em cantares e em marcações corográficas.
By the year 2007 the city of Lisbon will have 4 autonomous metro lines, about 40 km. in length and 52 stations . The older stations will all be renovated and these metropolitan lines are part of a global and inter connected urban model in order to optimize all city resources in terms of transportation. I just hope they remember to include large car parking spaces in the above roof areas of these stations, (at low cost or included in their weekly or monthly passes ) so as to invite visitors and residents to park their cars and visit the city using the public transportation. The same would be advisable for all Montreal stations that link the suburbs to the downtown area. This would help to reduce the smog and is still in somebody's desk waiting for approval ?
Em 2007, Lisboa contará com quatro linhas autónomas, com cerca de 40 km de comprimento e 52 estações. As estações antigas estarão todas remodeladas. Trata-se de uma rede pensada de uma forma global e intermodal de forma a serem optimizados todos os recursos da cidade em termos de transportes It's obvious that in a big city, things aren't always as they were supposed to be and that's why it is absolutely natural that its inhabitants and visitors may have critical positions regarding many of the city's characteristics. VERAO EM LISBOA - Monsanto em BTT Quinzenal Percurso em bicicleta, guiado pela Polícia Florestal, que se realiza, de quinze em quinze dias, no Parque de Monsanto. Traga a sua bicicleta, sem esquecer o capacete, e faça desporto na Natureza, no centro de Lisboa. Internet: HERE IS A WEBSITE WITH A LIST OF ALL MUSIC CONCERTS IN PORTUGAL

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oleo/ propriedade da camara de Lisboa

From the XV to the XVI , Lisbon was the capital of the comercial empire of the world that was from Africa to South America to India and the Extreme Orient. In 1755, 1/3 it is destroyed by earthquake and fire, and is saved and rebuilt by the King of Portugal Marques de Pombal under the urban planning of Manuel da Maia, from where the architectural style "Pombalino" and "Manuellino" is born. No dia 1 de Novembro ( Dia de todos os Santos ) registou o grande terramoto em Lisboa no ano de 1755. Este terramoto atingiu 8.9 na escala de Ritcher. O primeiro dos três tremores de terra verificou-se às 9:40 e teve uma duração entre 6 e 7 minutos.. Estima-se que 40.000 pessoas tenham falecido. O sismo fez sentir-se em países tão distantes como a Escócia e a Noruega. A recuperação da cidade tornou-se uma prioridade. Esta surpreendente reconstrução deve-se ao Marquês de Pombal (1699-1782). O seu projecto arquitectónico, ( de geometria sagrada ? ) designado posteriormente pombalino, é visível na Baixa e ao longo de toda a Avenida da Liberdade até à Praça do Marquês de Pombal. Em 7 de Julho de 1497, o navegador Vasco da Gama inicia a sua expedição à Índia. Realizou-se uma missa em Belém com orações ao regresso seguro dos capitães. A expedição foi um sucesso com a descoberta de uma nova rota para leste, fomentando a relação entre o Ocidente e Oriente. Os restos mortais de Vasco da Gama encontram-se no Mosteiro dos Jerónimos como um dos maiores representantes da epopeia lusitana... After the invasion by Napoleon's troops, and the departure of it's aristocracy to Brazil, it suffers a period of civil war but with industrialization grows up the seven hills that surround it, known as ; Colina do Castelo, da Gaça, Monte, Penha de França, S.Pedro de Alcantra, Santa Catarina and Estrela. Each hill has it's story and it's secrets for you to discover. ......
The second great historic event that took place in this city was the " The Revolution of the Carnations " (flowers symbol of true and passionate love; poverty and love) unchained by the Movement of the Armed Forces ( M F A ) on the 25th of April of 1974 ( and i was so lucky to be there to witness this great moment ) restituted the freedom to the Portuguese people. The majority of the Captains of April established Association 25 of Abril (A25A) for prohibited continuum of the ideals of the revolution - To develop, To democratize, Decolonize. To know more watch the movie Capitaines D'Avril / Capitães de Abril directed by Maria de Medeiros in the year 2000 ( to see the N.Y.Times coments on the movie go to... ) it is almost a documentary.
In Lisbon it is impossible not to notice the "Bridge 25 of April ", is only the second bigger bridge of the Europe but third in world-wide terms. The Bridge is constituted by the suspended part properly said and the viaduct that passes on Alcântara. In the first case two main towers about way km. of each edge had been placed and 1013 meters one of the other, reaching 190,5 meters above of the water level. The river Tejo is born in the northeast of mountains of Spain and finishes its passage in Lisbon. The main basin of the estuary of the Tejo possesses 9 miles (14 km). In the height of the Portuguese empire of the half of century XVI, more than 1,000 boats had been registered as entering and dislocating between the various city ports. ( ) ...Who were the first people of Lisbon ? The Lusitanos ? "The Lusitani were strong warriors whose origins are uncertain.. an ancient Roman province approximately including current Portugal ? named after the Lusitani or Lusitanian people ? The etymology of Lusitania, like the origin of the Lusitani, is unclear. The name may be of Celtic origin: Lus and Tanus, "tribe of Lusus". Others say that Lusitania means "City of light" Some believe " The Lusitani may have come from the Alps and established themselves in the region in the 6th century BC." I also find similar symbolos as far as Croacia Historians and archeologists don't seem to agree on their ethnic origins. "Some modern authors consider them to be autochthonous and initially dominated by the Celts, before gaining full independence from them. This hypothesis is also backed by Avienus, who wrote ORA MARITIMA, inspired by documents from 6th century BC. The investigator Lambrino defended that the Lusitanians were a tribal group of Celt origin related to the Lusoni (a tribe that have inhabited the east of Iberia). "Possibly, both tribes came from the Swiss mountains' ? But some rather prefer to see the Lusitanians has a native Iberian tribe," resulting of intermarriage between different tribes. The first area colonized by the Lusitani was probably the Douro valley and the region of Beira Alta; in Beira they stayed until they defeated the Celts and other tribes, then they expanded to cover a territory that reached Estremadura before the arrival of the Romans. Did you know Harquebus or a matchlock gun was introduced by Lusitanians/Portuguese on a Chinese pirate ship in1543 to the Samurai ? The Arquebus came into greater prominence during the Battle of Pavia in 1525. The defeat of French knights by the heavy fire of arquebusiers inspired other people to adopt the weapon." The strange thing too is that the 1915 war between America and the Imperial Government of Germany some claim was started because of a the sinking of a Ship called Lusitana by an illegal act, by which over 100 American citizens lost their lives..? In view of recent acts of the German authorities in violation of American rights on the high seas which culminated in the torpedoing and sinking of the British steamship Lusitania on May 7, 1915. Porque teriam os Ingleses dado o nome Lusitania a um dos seus barcos ? There is also a race of horses with the name Lusitano by the way before you call yourself a Lusitano i envite you to discover more about this culture, the "Lusitanian mythology " as well as a List of Lusitanian Gods and Language.
A Lingua lusitana e uma lingua paleo-iberica indo-europeia falada na Lusitânia historica, ou seja, no território habitado pelos povos lusitanos que se extendiam entre o Rio Douro e o Tejo. Os lusitanos eram o povo mais numeroso da faixa atlantica da Peninsula Iberica, e ha quem os considere oriundos das montanhas helveticas ou que eram autoctones ? Estabeleceram-se na area por volta do século VI a. C....Cerca de 150 a.C., a Lusitania foi conquistada pelo Imperio Romano... excepto o Basco, o Lusitano rapidamente sucumbiu a pressao e prestigio do latim. ...Uma segunda teoria, defendida por Francisco Villar e Rosa Pedrero, relaciona o lusitano com as linguas italicas. A teoria baseia-se em paralelismo de nomes de deuses junto com alguns outros elementos gramaticais...
Finalmente, Ulrich Schmoll propos um ramo proprio a que chamou galego-lusitano (ou galaico-lusitano) Foram encontradas inscriçoes em Arroyo de la Luz (em Caceres), Cabeco das Fraguas (na Guarda) e em Moledo (Viseu). E, tendo em conta a informacao dada pelos diferentes teonimos, antroponimos e toponimos, a extensao corresponde ao nordeste de Portugal moderno e zonas adjacentes de Espanha, com centro na Serra da Estrela.

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Montreal - JANUARY-February - Féte des Neiges (Snow Festival) celebrates the pleasures of winter in the Parc des Îles. Montreal- JUNE- Tour de l'Île for cyclists and Canada's only Formula One race, the Grand Prix Player's du Canada for car racing fans. Montreal - JUNE and JULY -weekend firework displays on the banks of the Saint Lawrence, and Montréal's International Jazz Festival, featuring concerts around the city. Every summer my favorites are the Montréal Jazz Festival, - July 1-11 Over 500 shows, including 350 of them free, are presented in the heart of downtown Montréal. This unique city festival presents the greatest artists.The Just for Laughs Festival, - July 15-25, the world's largest and most renowned comedy festival. It brings together artists from the four corners of the planet to laugh and celebrate Montréal's joie de vivre! over 2,000 performances for the entire family, including 1,300 free, outdoor shows in Montréal's splendid Quartier latin. Montreal -JULY - Juste pour Rire (Just for Laughs) Festival brings together some top comedians, or dance at the Nuits d'Afrique celebrations. Montreal -JULY and AUGUST - Francofolies de Montréal, a festival of French song with many performances Montreal AUGUST and SEPTEMBER - Festival des Films du Monde (World Film Festival) takes place over three weeks
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The island of Montreal is not only Canada's second largest city, today, numbers 3.4 million people of virtually every single nationality and creed on the planet. it's the second largest French-speaking city in the world outside of France! When Montreal became a city in 1831, the British actually outnumbered the French. Montreal was briefly the capital of Canada, from 1844 to 1849.Today it is officially bilingual and proud of its status as the largest French-speaking city in North America. In fact, this is a wonderful example of a truly international city where newcomers feel right at home and visitors will always find someone who speaks their language. Located on a large island in the ST LAWRENCE RIVER,this great river carries the waters of the Great Lakes to the Atlantic and provides Montreal with a route to the ocean. Two other rivers converge near on is the OTTAWA RIVER the other the RICHELIEU RIVER provided a route southward. Rapids once blocked the way to the Great Lakes. A series of canals brought goods from Ontario. Thus, Montreal's location helped to make the city a center of trade and industry. About two-thirds of the population is French speaking, and only 13% of the people have English as the first language they learned. Those who first learned other languages than English or French account for nearly 18% of the population. These groups include Italians, Chinese, Germans, Greeks, Poles, Portuguese, Spanish, West Indians, and Ukrainians. Montreal is still the transportation centre of Canada. It is one of the largest inland ports in the world. The ST LAWRENCE SEAWAY opened in 1959. It enabled oceangoing ships to sail to the Great Lakes, allowing many ships passing by Montreal to stop.Today about 2100 ships still stop at the port of Montreal. The Seaway, through the Beauharnois generating station, provides the city with electrical power. Two-thirds of Quebec's manufacturing is done in Montreal. Large industries include aircraft building and printing and publishing. With the largest clothing industry in Canada. It manufactures pharmaceutical, metal and electronics products.The city was once the headquarters of many banks. It is the financial centre of Quebec, but TORONTO has replaced Montreal as the financial capital of Canada. There are now numerous radio stations and six television stations, four in French. There are more French programs produced in Montreal than anywhere in the world except Paris, France. In the last 30 years i have not seen this city evolve, economically or other, since most of it's residents are bilingual the reason is a mystery to me.
Hope the project for the new CASINO trying to move to the poor areas ( Point St. Charles) doesn't get approved. Our GOVERNMENT doesn't want to legalize Pot or make it available for the sick ? but they are making a fortune and support far worst addictions in my opinion as alcohol and gambling, with unemployment on the rise where is the morality in this ? St. Henri for example has inhabited spaces by the train track that are inhuman to live in. The idea also that residential streets can have an industrial noisy side is the most absurd thing of this city . Much of it's land is contaminated and our mare expects the clean up to be paid by it's poor residents of Coop's or new investors. Many residents of St.Henri don't even know their children may be playing on contaminated land. There is no law that obliges these commercial buildings in Montreal to even pave their surroundings, and they don't because dirt roads are better for the trucks that legally unload at any hour day or night. Some decrepit unsafe buildings like the one facing me scare the hell out of their neighbours when often at 4 a.m. we hear sounds like gun shots and prefer to think it's fire crackers, yeah strange cars, people running in and out in the dark playing with fire crackers ? Everyone here questions how a few minutes from downtown we have this medieval industrial back yard in the year 2005 unhealthy for everyone. In my Coop the rent in 4 years was raised more than 100% because of the value of the land not the quality of the area. The metro station in St. Henri is often a "police hangout" ( cops in groups of 6 or 12 ) harassing young students as they leave schools not allowing for social contact... The area does not need more repression, instead it needs support and social "free" spaces for the youth to enjoy, exchange ideas, in the free time and grow heathy by creation of new jobs supported by and for the community and the mare of this city. Not Tim Hortons' and McDonnal's only, the multicultural youth doesn't want these anymore. Further more....ESTIMATION OF THE SEISMIC SITE RESPONSE "The Montreal Urban Community (MUC) is located on an island bordered southward and eastward by the St. Lawrence River and westward by the Des Prairies River (Figure 2). Many geological episodes during the Cambrian to Late Quaternary have shaped its landscape. A failed rift is at the origin of the limestone and shale basement and an up-doming over a hot-spot fashioned the hill of Mont-Royal. Alternating periods of glaciations and melting shaped and deposited considerable quantities of soft material later altered by the emergence of the Champlain Sea and giving clay and sand layers. Finally, the influences of the St. Lawrence River and its secondary channels have deposited fine and coarse materials on the banks. A comprehensive review of glacial and sedimentary episodes is provided by Prest and Hode-Keyser [14] (Figure 2). The map of surface deposits shows clay deposits at the periphery of the island to the south, east, and west and sand deposits in the south central area and at both tips of the island. The land-use map of Montreal indicate that some strategic areas of the city are within soft soil zones, in particular, the downtown area and the Port of Montreal "
By any standards, Funami's debut album made in Montreal is a sleek, dramatic slice of electronica, but it's startling when you know that the 10 songs are created from just one voice. What we initially believe to be a bank of rubbery bass synths, celestial arpeggiators and guitar FX turns out to be the net result of putting vocalist Alex Désilets through a whole shedload of studio wizardry. Even the drum sounds take their origins from this guy's fricative and plosive vocalizations. All of it painstakingly assembled by Tiago Conceiçao. The Canadian-Portuguese project has resulted in what the Portuguese now call the "Vox Machina", a whole album of original and soulful electronic music, given warmth by being built, note by note and beat by beat, from a human voice. One voice-one album! Go check it out!

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