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For peace we must be spiritual "First I assimilate the notion of spiritual to an intense experience of harmony, to the sense that the organism is functioning with the greatest possible perfection .( not possible if you eat junk food !) the experience unfolds in association with the desire to act toward others with kindness and generority. ( not like sending all your consummer waist to the poor ) Thus to have a spiritual experience is to hold sustained feelings of a particular kind dominated by some variant of joy,however serene. ( as we may experience in painting, drawing, sculpting and composing music or writing ? ) The center of mass of the feelings i call spiritual is located at an intersection of experiences: Sheer beauty is one ( that is one reason Art must be alive and encouraged ) The other is anticipation of actions conducted in "a temper of peace" and with "a preponderance of loving affections" ( thequotations are James's but the concepts are Spinozian)....Think how listening to Bach,Mozart,Shubert, or Mahler can take us there,almost easily. This is an opportunity to generate positive emotions where negative emotions would otherwise arize, in the manner Spinoza recommended. It is clear , however , that the sort of spiritual experiences to which I am alluding are not equivalent to a religion." text by Antonio Damasio and (Ana)



" Spinoza recommended that we fight a negative emotion with an even stronger but positive emotion brought about by reasoning and intellectual effort. Central to his thinking was the notion that the subduing of the passions should be acomplished by reason-induced emotion and not by pure reason alone. This is by no means easy to achieve, but Spinoza saw little merit in anything easy...from pg 12 of Looking for Spinoza by Antonio Damasio, Harcourt Inc. (2003)


i know in my heart

"The hunches that steer our behaviour in the proper direction are often referred to as the gut or the heart - as in "I know in my heart that this is the right thing to do". The Portuguese word for hunch,by the way, is palpite, a close neighbor of "palpitation", a skipped heartbeat. " Antonio Damasio